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How to Run Children’s Clubs and Meetings: Practical suggestions for people in youth ministry

By Steven Walker
October 2007 | Review by Edgar Black
  • Publisher: Day One Publications
  • ISBN: 978-1846250606
  • Pages: 144
  • Price: £7.00
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Book Review

An eye-catching title – such an important area in church life today – but less than eye-catching content, I’m afraid. This book aims to encourage those who are new to this area or who are already involved but want to be more effective. It also offers tips and ideas to those who are fairly experienced in working with children and young people.
It covers some helpful ground – planning a syllabus, preparing the Bible story, maintaining law and order, and child protection. These are all worth reading. However, I would give a wide berth to the chapter which encourages you to pick up your guitar and compose your own lyrics!
Children these days are very switched-on musically. They also stop coming to church for a whole series of reasons – one of which is poorly run clubs. So, put down the guitar and seek out CDs that lift the music-making burden off your shoulders.
Steve Walker is spot-on when he says that gifted youth-workers don’t appear ‘out of the blue’. The church has an important responsibility to spot and grow new helpers and leaders.
My suggestion to anyone struggling in this area is to read this book, alongside others, and seek advice from someone experienced in working with children. You can also undertake some formal training from a provider with a recognised track record, such as the Good Book Company’s Big Issue training events.

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