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The Greatest Fight in the World: Spurgeon’s Final Manifesto

By Charles H. Spurgeon
October 2018 | Review by Richard Turner
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
  • ISBN: 978-1-84871-802-9
  • Pages: 82
  • Price: £5.00
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Book Review

Here is a book which I have read many times over the years. I have never ceased to be both challenged and encouraged by its contents.

In April 1891, Spurgeon gave what would be his final annual address to his beloved Pastors’ College. He tells us in his opening remarks that it is ‘the child of many prayers’. The reflections of a faithful preacher so signally used of God in his day surely deserve full attention in our day.

Under three headings — ‘Our Armoury’ (the Holy Scriptures); ‘Our Army’ (the church) and finally ‘Our Strength’ (the Holy Spirit) — Spurgeon gives a rallying call to ‘fight the good fight’. There is no uncertain sound here in Spurgeon’s clarion call to wholehearted commitment to God’s Word, a pure church and a Spirit-filled life and ministry.

The chapters are readable and laced with Spurgeon’s sanctified wit and spiritual insight. This little book is of primary value to pastors, but every Christian would benefit from its message as they seek to live faithful lives for Christ. I heartily recommend it to all; may a further reprint soon be required!

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