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A Father’s Gift: Lessons From Proverbs

By Kenneth B. Wingate
May 2010 | Review by Austin Walker


Much needed wisdom from God's manual for home and family instruction, the Book of Proverbs. Says Sinclair Ferguson, Here is true wisdom that will prove to be worth its weight in gold in every age and culture. Perfect for parents, perfect for teens, perfect for parents and teens to read together.

  • Publisher: Banner of Truth
  • ISBN: 978-1848710504
  • Pages: 213
  • Price: £12.81
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Book Review

‘I firmly believe that much of what we need to know about God and his ways of dealing with us is to be found in Proverbs. So much of what is helpful and necessary for life in this world and for that which is to come is written here in its wonderful pages’ (p.182).

With this conviction Kenneth Wingate has mined the book of Proverbs for its wisdom, lessons and key principles. In nineteen chapters and less than 200 pages he provides his readers with a topical and yet comprehensive treatment of this often neglected book of Scripture.

Chapter by chapter he covers the core values, beliefs, attitudes and conduct that build distinctive Christian character.

Twelve years ago the author prayed, ‘Lord, what is the best gift I can give my children for Christmas?’ This book is the answer to his prayer. He wanted them to have a book about living life skilfully, about doing and choosing what is right, about fearing God.

A father’s gift is about God’s grace and God’s wisdom for living an abundant life. It is intended to be read primarily by fathers, mothers, teenagers, and families together. Because it was written for the author’s own children it reflects the American setting.

For example, many of the illustrations are drawn from his family and experience as a Christian lawyer in South Carolina. UK readers may find that some of them do not ‘translate’ easily into a British setting. Nevertheless, that should not deter readers here. We need to hear the message of Proverbs and Kenneth Wingate has provided us with a valuable tool.

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