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Far Above Rubies – the life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones

By Lynette Clark
September 2015 | Review by Roger Fay
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-78191-583-7
  • Pages: 256
  • Price: 8.99
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Book Review

This is a well-researched, sensitively written account of the life and influence of Bethan Lloyd-Jones, née Phillips (1898-1991) wife of the late Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

It will be welcomed by all who are eager to learn more about those remarkable years of recent ministry from Dr Lloyd-Jones, first at Sandfields, Aberavon; and then Westminster Chapel, London. For some decades at least, the downward trend in British evangelicalism seemed to go into reverse.

Behind many a good man stands a fine wife, and here is no exception. Lynette Clark brings into clear focus the sterling character and high spirituality of Mrs Lloyd-Jones. The author is to be congratulated in making her tribute to Bethan positive and balanced rather than just adulatory and euphoric.

I have two caveats.

First — and this is no fault of the author or publisher — how many professed evangelicals in the UK today care enough about this era to want to read much about it? We must hope though that this sideways look, via Mrs Lloyd-Jones, will spark a renewed interest in the Lord’s gracious work in our nation during the 1930s–70s.

Second, the book would have considerably benefitted by closer editing. There is a noticeable repetition of thought and phrase across the chapters. Also, the addition of a general index and a less confused numbering of the appendices would have been helpful.

There are about 20 pages of helpful reflection and discussion questions at the end, and interspersed through the book are a considerable number of interesting photographs of the Lloyd-Jones family and their relatives. This title deserves to be widely read.

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