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Friendship: A Classic Guide to Finding, Restoring, and Building Lasting Friendships

By Hugh Black
May 2009 | Review by Jean Brumby


The high ideal to which friendship was held by the ancient writers, like Plato and Aristotle, seems to be an obsolete sentiment today. Western society, with its busyness and self-centredness, to many people, feels like a cold and lonely place. In this culture of cynicism and malaise Hugh Black directs our attention to the importance of friendship and the blessing that it can be. With elegantly poignant prose, Black draws on ancient writings, poetry and the Scriptures, helping us to rediscover the miracle of genuine friendship and to understand the care and keeping of such treasure.

  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • ISBN: 978-1894400275
  • Pages: 144
  • Price: £8.95
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Book Review

Here is a book, written over 100 years ago, that defines the nature of true friendship and describes how we should nurture and treasure this God-given blessing. Advice is given on how to choose your friends and keep them. Human friendships have their limits, and only God can fully satisfy the hungry hearts of men and women. Hence our supreme friendship is with God himself but this is reflected in our human friendships.

Throughout the book, biblical friendships are described and the biblical text quoted. Hugh Black also uses quotes and insights on friendship from a wide selection of literature through the ages.

He writes of the desolation of a broken friendship, caused by death or a parting of the ways. An offended friend is hard to win! Yet the personal joy of a renewed friendship is in itself an insight into the love of the Father.

This book, thoughtfully researched and well written, is a classic on friendship. I certainly have not read anything that comes close, as Hugh Black illuminates the challenges, responsibilities, limitations and blessings found in friendship. For me, every page revealed wisdom, challenge and depth.

I would suggest that it be read almost as a study book – read a chapter at a time and inwardly digest! It would also make a useful study book for small groups.


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