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Heroes of the Faith

By Roy Mohon
June 2012 | Review by Roger Fay
  • Publisher: Truthzone
  • ISBN: 9780954633059
  • Pages: 404
  • Price: 13.75

Book Review

Heroes of the faith — role models for the Christian warfare

Roy Mohon


404 pages, £11.75 (plus £2.00 p&p, from, Truthzone Ltd, 34 Yarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 3NG)

Star rating: 3 stars


This looks in detail at each of the significant figures of faith in the Old Testament, from Abel to David. The writer aims to explain and apply the biblical narrative around these ‘Heroes of the faith.’ He seeks to do this without losing sight either of their own historical context or of their role as pointers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

      His attention to the historical context is well exemplified by his chapter on ‘Moses: the civil and ceremonial law’; His focus on Christ is especially clear in the final chapter which is entitled, ‘The witness to Christ the Son of David’.

      In this last chapter, Mr Mohon examines the victory of Christ in each of his various states, including his death, resurrection and exaltation, from the perspective of 18 Messianic psalms written by David.

      This book has three particular strengths. First, it has thoroughly digested the essence of the towering figures of Scripture it discusses and it presents them without getting lost in issues of secondary importance.

      Second, the lessons derived are well applied to challenges facing Christians today in the UK. And, third, it is completely faithful to the message of Scripture — its theological basis being the doctrines espoused by the Westminster Confession.

      This title will be helpful to any student or preacher of the Word of God.


Roger Fay,


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