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People in the Bible – The Life of Abraham

By Malcolm Maclean
July 2017 | Review by James Chittenden
  • Publisher: Day One Publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-84625-361-4
  • Pages: 144
  • Price: 7.00
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Book Review

Malcolm Maclean was the managing editor for Christian Focus Publishing and now ministers in the Free Church of Scotland. As may be expected, he has written this short study on Abraham with clear biblical exposition and heartfelt, practical application.

Do not expect to have your questions about Melchizedek or other difficult areas answered. While touched on, the book’s main focus is Abraham and what we can learn from the Lord’s dealings with him.

The chapters are long enough to be stimulating, yet brief enough to be used devotionally. They are engaging and each one conveys fresh enthusiasm. Malcolm writes with a whole-Scripture approach, helpfully mentioning similarities and common themes found in Abraham’s story and throughout the Bible. He clearly shows Abraham’s relevance for believers today.

He starts in, perhaps, the unexpected place of Acts 7 (Stephen’s speech to the council before being martyred). He then explores Genesis 12. The events in Abraham’s life are highlighted over 17 chapters in a clear and engaging way. The book is hard to put down as the author points us to our God. However, it is perhaps best to read in stages, allowing points of application time to digest.

There won’t be a believer who fails to find useful lessons drawn from Abraham’s life. While the application may occasionally be aimed at a specific group for illustrative purposes, it is easy to see how Abraham’s experiences speak to all believers. Rightly, it is Abraham’s relationship with God that is at the core of this book. Readers will also find themselves reflecting on their own spiritual walk with the Lord.

If you would like to understand more of the spiritual significance of the life of Abraham, and, more importantly, enrich your reading of the Word of God, then this will be a profitable read.

James Chittenden


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