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Pray & protect — how to plan and safeguard churches and ministries in the context of terrorism

By Patrick Sookhdeo
May 2016 | Review by Roy Mohon
  • Publisher: Isaac Publishing
  • ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-9967245-5-5
  • Pages: 77
  • Price: 1.00

Book Review

The title of this well produced, stapled booklet is exactly indicative of the content. The introduction identifies the aim as, ‘to build on the good practice of your church or organisation, but focus on one specific aspect of care and protection: guarding against a violent or terrorist attack from people who are hostile to Christianity’.

This is followed by a timely caution: ‘It should be emphasised that this issue should not be approached with fear or a spirit of hostility to any enemies, but firstly with prayer and then with a response of Christ-like love’ (p.2).

The well structured, brief chapters are as follows: The global environment; The local environment; Risk analysis; Working with others; Specific measures to take; Dealing with an incident; Pastoral care and material support; and Rebuilding.

The text is supported by useful tables and diagrams. There are four informative appendices: Defending your legal rights; Defamation law; The spectrum across Islam; and Index of useful contacts.

This is a very helpful, ‘how-to’ handbook to structure discussion by key members of a church security committee, which would probably need to be broader than the eldership in some cases, but not extend to the total membership or regular congregation.

In the reviewer’s opinion, the booklet cannot but be helpful to get started on practical measures to review policies and practices already in place, or gain some impression of needs in other countries where security is often tested.

This can be read cover to cover at a single sitting, in about one and a half hours, but will also be useful for reference and discussion. At £1 plus postage, it is excellent value.

Roy Mohon


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