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Royal Company – A Devotional on Song of Solomon

By Malcolm Maclean
November 2012 | Review by Paul Relf


Poetry is the language of love. The Songs of Solomon are no different as we read these beautiful cameos of the intimate relationship between the King and his lover. These were the song of songs which were often sung to God in temple worship with a realisation that these songs spoke of God's love towards his chosen people. For Christians through the ages these songs point to Christ and his love towards his own ransomed and redeemed people. Indeed in New Testament Scripture the analogy is often used of Christ and His church as the bride and His bridegroom. It speaks to them of restoration and reconciliation. Through the contributions of the daughter of Jerusalem, we begin to get a sense of the joy of fellowship. In this devotional work we too will learn what it is like to have daily contact with Jesus, the lover of our souls as pictured in Songs of Solomon.

  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • ISBN: 978-1-84550-718-3
  • Pages: 240
  • Price: 9.99
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Book Review

Royal Company: A devotional on the Song of Solomon

Malcolm Maclean

Christian Focus

236 pages, £9.99

ISBN: 978-184550718-3

Star rating: 4 stars


An excellent book written with a pastor’s heart that will strengthen the faith of all believers. It is a devotional book and will stir love and stimulate deeper devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. The book takes the view that Song of Solomon is a picture of the love of Christ for his church and draws out the relationship between the Christian and Jesus Christ.

      The book is subdivided into 8 sections (poems) and these are split into chapters with 26 in all. Each chapter is based on a number of verses which are helpfully shown on a facing page with a heading showing the person who is speaking. Each chapter has helpful sub-headings. In this way it is possible to read a chapter on its own although it is obviously best to read the book as a whole alongside the Bible.

      I think the author avoids fanciful interpretation and the reader can engage in the dialogue and feelings of the main characters as they interact with each other.  The application is not forced and encourages fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ and answers the question  ‘What is it like to meet the Lord Jesus Christ?’

      This is a book all Christians should read and will stir us up to love Christ more. None can say that we love Christ as much as we could. But after reading the book we can hopefully respond and say of Christ ‘This is my beloved and this is my friend’ (Song of Solomon 5:16)


Paul Relf,


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