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The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament (CD-ROM)

By John Stott
October 2020 | Review by James Day
  • Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press US
  • ISBN: 978-0830824489
  • Price: unavailable
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Book Review

The Bible speaks today (BST) series is a well-regarded set of commentaries produced by IVP and written by various authors under the editorial oversight of John Stott. The full set of BST New Testament commentaries (22 titles) is now available on a single CD-ROM, which can be used on any computer with a Microsoft Windows 98 or later operating system.

Each commentary slots into a digital library set up on your computer using supplied software called the Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS). Once LDLS is installed, you can read the text of the commentaries on your computer screen. It is not intended that the commentaries will be read from cover to cover as with a normal book. For those, like myself, who prefer not to read long sections of text on a screen, pages can be printed out.

One of the great advantages of the software is that it is fully searchable. You can search for any word, phrase, topic, or Bible reference found in the text of the BST series, or any other digital books you may have in your LDLS library. Books in the Libronix Digital Library System also often feature hyperlinks to other articles, Bible references, web pages, etc.

The CD-ROM is easy to use and comes into its own for study purposes, particularly when looking for cross references. Having used the software myself in Bible study preparation, I can thoroughly recommend it for that purpose.

This CD-ROM is an economic way of acquiring and accessing a full set of NT commentaries, without filling your bookshelves.

One thought on “The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament (CD-ROM)

  1. John Arkell says:

    Can you help me? I bought this excellent CD-ROM several years ago from IVP (Nottingham); but have changed computers and now cannot open the series since I can’t relocate my Libronix id (though I still have the CD-ROM 20 character access code on the CD-ROM case. I don’t seem to be able to get through to Libronix for a new id. Can you advise me, so that I can re-access this great series sitting on my CD here in my office?

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