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June 2017

Suffering — a real problem

One thing common to all humanity is the perplexing experience of suffering. Notable examples, like wars and earthquakes, make the news headlines, but most suffering is not on the ‘news’. Yet it is known to all as it walks among our friends, family and communities: the loss of a spouse, the death of a…

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May 2017

It’s okay not to be okay

It could be argued that there is something very wrong with the prevailing subculture of much evangelicalism today. We preach the brokenness of life in a messed-up world, but expect our churches to be full of near perfect people. The story is told of a church, outside of which was the following notice: ‘Workshop…

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April 2017

Don’t forget that Jesus is alive!

The words of the angel to the two Marys, ‘He is not here; for he is risen’ (Matthew 28:6), changed everything. Despair was vanquished by hope, faith triumphed over doubt, and weakness gave birth to strength. As then, so now. We rightly emphasise the centrality of the cross to our Christian faith. At Calvary,…

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March 2017

Why every Protestant should be catholic

This year is a big one for Evangelicals. 31 October will mark the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. That event sparked what we call the Protestant Reformation. Luther and his friends rediscovered the gospel. At its heart is the glorious reality…

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February 2017

Maciek Stolarski

In an unbelieving world, people still desire miracles to take place. They want an outcome of a given situation to be positive, even when all the indications are negative. Often such emotional expressions come to the fore when someone in the family is gravely ill, especially a child. What they would like is the…

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January 2017

Make it plain and simple!

As a young Christian I became frustrated with preachers who assumed that I knew the Bible. I was converted at college, without any biblical or Sunday school background. I was ignorant of the Bible. When a preacher said, ‘Well, you know about when Moses…’, I wanted to stand up and scream, ‘No, I don’t…

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December 2016

Who is in control?

Over the years, I have heard people express views that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent. As a young Christian, it was difficult to match such clear supposed insights with Jesus’ teaching, about only the Father knowing the appointed time.  I now receive a state pension and I find myself doing a lot of reflecting.…

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November 2016

Some danger signs

A Yale professor said, ‘A void has opened in the heart of western Christianity. Where the cross once stood, there is now a vacuum’. Cross Did you hear Christ and the cross exalted last Sunday in public worship? If not, the preacher needs to examine what his duty is. Paul said, ‘For I decided…

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