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January 2018
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From devastation to blessing

Ukraine — it’s now a forgotten war. No longer does it feature in Western news bulletins or confront us on the front pages of our newspapers. It hardly rates a mention in tabloids or broadsheets alike. The shock that many felt when Crimea was annexed by Russia, and the subsequent turmoil inflicted upon the eastern parts of Ukraine by the violence of war, has all but faded from our memories. Yet the shelling, shooting and killing continue, bringing pain, hurt and loss to many thousands of citizens on both sides of the war front. SGA’s general director, Derek Maxwell, recently had the opportunity to visit...

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October 2017
Articles > World Mission > Europe > Moldova

‘These wheels are my “legs”!’

These were the words of Ivan, a village pastor and evangelist in north Moldova, as he looked proudly at the little motorcycle, purchased and presented to him by Slavic Gospel Association (UK) as part of its transport project ‘The Gospel on the Move’. What he means is that he can go further (and reach faster!) the many isolated village communities in his region, which are spiritually dark and needy. There are few large cities and towns in north Moldova, and the villages in which the majority of the population live are often difficult to reach. Some roads are little more than dirt tracks. Public transport...

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