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September 2018
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Albania: a land of contrasts

Albania, land of the eagles, is a place of great contrasts. It is full of possibilities for the gospel and yet it faces deep challenges also. The apostle Paul was the first to preach the gospel to the Albanians according to Romans 15:19. Yet from apostolic times all the way to the 1800s, when the British and Foreign Bible Society sought to penetrate the Albanian people with the Word of God, there is little or no record of any evangelical life. A brief time of revival, limited to the area around the town of Korçë, before the Second World War, was quashed by the communists...

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August 2018
Articles > World Mission > Europe > Montenegro

Caring ministry in Montenegro

There is only one special school for the whole of Montenegro, located in the capital, Podgorica. Access to this school’s 110 places is a ‘right’ for all special needs kids. But if you live out of town, don’t have a car, or lack the time to escort your child there and back, the school and its facilities might as well be on the moon. OM (Operation Mobilisation) Montenegro’s autism ministry, based 50km away in Bar, knew several teens who would benefit from attending the school, so the transport challenge was on. Natja Sachse, from the OM team in Bar, has led the autism ministry for...

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August 2018
Articles > World Mission > Europe > Southern Europe > Portugal


Portugal remained untouched by the Reformation. Roman Catholicism was the official State religion until the revolution of 1974. It remains the dominant religion today, with 97% of the population claiming to be Catholics. One of the big attractions in the country is the large basilica and shrine to ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ about fiftty miles north of Lisbon. At certain times of the year people from all over the country, and other parts of the world, go to Fatima for special adoration of the Virgin Mary who, it is claimed, appeared to three young children there in 1917, under the name of ‘Notre Dame du...

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