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June 2017

‘Safe spaces’ and how to escape from them

Now before you read this article, I’d better issue you with a warning. You see, I live in a carefully policed, ideological ‘safe space’. I am not able to tolerate the slightest difference of opinion that gets me upset’. If you disagree with what I say and write a letter to the editor or…

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May 2017

Key to life

Last October, a little rusty key, along with the metal fob attached to it, was sold by auction. Somebody picked it up for £85,000. It is exactly 105 years since the Titanic sailed from Southampton bound for New York. As everyone knows, it was her maiden voyage. And, as everyone also knows, she never…

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April 2017

Saints and sinners

On Sunday, 8 January 1956, five young missionaries gave their lives in an attempt at sharing the gospel with a tribe renowned for its ferocity. Earlier in 2017, the grandson of one of the martyrs toured the UK along with performances from 4Front Theatre. Their show, Reckless Abandon, runs throughout 2017 and tells the…

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March 2017

Pure love

Christian, your body is for the Lord! It is the temple of the Holy Spirit, whom you have from God; and you are not your own (1Corinthians 6:19). And that mind of yours is not for just anything; it is for loving the Lord your God (Mathew 22:37). Uncleanness is not for you. You…

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January 2017

Commandments anyone?

We finished the article in ET, November 2016, by saying that humanism today claims to be neutral, but really makes man a god, sometimes by making laws that are against God’s law. The ultimate choice for churches and for human beings in the way they live (whether they are believers or not) is between…

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November 2016

Commandments anyone?

People today have all kinds of problems with authority and the idea of commandments. Nobody really likes being told what to do. They think it childish. In the case of God’s commandments, people imagine a tyrant laying down the law, wanting to take away human freedom and pleasure in life. Law is bad, freedom…

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September 2016

Caring For Life – compassion in action

Esther Smith, senior pastoral admin-istrator of Caring For Life (CFL) writes: CFL is supporting an ever-increasing number of extremely vulnerable people, and right now, some of the youngest are having a really tough time.’ They are simply lost, due to a dire shortage of safe housing and ongoing cuts to the welfare support available…

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August 2016

University link-up 2016

Christian Unions (CUs) exist on university campuses primarily to give every student on campus the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of nationality, language, background, culture, age or religion. CUs are part of an organisation called UCCF (University and Colleges Christian Fellowship), which helps set up events and…

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