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Breaking the Silence on Child Abuse
Robert Stevens

As a boarder in a cathedral school, Robert Stevens was abused by several of the masters. In this book he gives a very brief account, without explicit detail, of what happened. It was then some decades before he began to…

The Preacher’s Catechism
Lewis Allen

Lewis Allen has evidently thought long and hard about the nature of the Christian ministry. The result is The Preacher’s Catechism, a collection of 43 questions and answers which bring essential truths to the preacher’s heart. Loosely following the structure…

Evolution and the Christian Faith. Theistic evolution in the light of scripture (Creation Points)
Philip Bell

The creation / evolution debate still rages, and many Christians believe it is both scientifically untenable and scripturally naïve to accept a literal account of the beginning of Genesis. Some even charge creationists with pushing a teaching that is a…

Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique
Wayne Grudem

We live in a day when strenuous efforts are being made to persuade evangelicals to rewrite their theology to accommodate the evolutionary theory of origins.  Books advocating the harmony of Christianity and evolution by scientists such as Francis Collins  and…

The noble martyrs of Kent
M. J. Hyde

This is a reprint of a book first published in 1924. It makes the reader aware of the faithful and courageous stand for the truth that cost men and women their lives, particularly in the reign of Mary Tudor, queen…

Reformation heroes
Reformation heroes
Joel Beeke

This is a super book that fills a gap in the Christian book market. It is an updated, modernised and expanded version of an earlier work by Richard Newton called The Reformation and its heroes. The book has a threefold…

Gospel basics
Gospel basics
Andrew A. Bonar

If you do not know much about Dr Andrew Bonar, then this book's opening chapter by D. M. McIntyre gives a taste of the man as a preacher. It is clear that he was an understanding preacher of his day.…

‘Ever, only, ALL for Thee’: Glimpses of the life of Frances Ridley Havergal

I really like this little book and can easily understand how it came to be written and compiled. While proof-reading The complete works of Frances Ridley Havergal, Pamela Bugden realised the many blessings to be obtained through reading and studying…

Frances Ridley Havergal, the English hymn-writer and poet
Carol Purves

To most readers of this review Frances Ridley Havergal is probably best known as the writer of such hymns as 'Take my life', and 'Lord, speak to me, that I may speak'. This book, the latest of the Day One…

Christmas Evans – no ordinary preacher
Tim Shenton

One thing is certain: this book is a conversation starter. Whenever I left my copy on the coffee table, visitors would pick it up and ask in bemused tones, 'What sort of a name is Christmas Evans?' I knew a…

Cornelius Van Til: Reformed apologist and churchman
John R. Muether

Cornelius Van Til was arguably the most significant and yet most under-appreciated Christian apologist of the 20th century. That is so in part because his writings are not always easy to understand and he has often been viewed as a…

Christianity is it true
Christianity: Is it True?—Answering questions through real lives
David J. Randall

This is a really interesting small book consisting of twelve biographies of Christian heroes of faith. They begin with the earliest, St Columba of Iona, then work through history, including John Bunyan and William Wilberforce on the way, before finishing…