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Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life
Sam Allberry

For many the resurrection is a nice thing to believe, the 'happy' ending to the gospel, as though after the darkness of the cross Spielberg was brought in to do the finish. But 'Lifted' shows that it's far more. The…

Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism
Stephen C. Meyer

This book does exactly what it says on the cover and puts very thoroughly both sides of the scientific debate concerning origins. This book is really meant to be used as a textbook promoting enquiry-based learning, and encouraging students to…

Teach Them to Pray: Cultivating God-Dependency in Your Church
Paul Tautges

A life of prayer is irrefutable proof of God-dependency. This is not only true of the individual believer, but also of the local church as evidenced in the New Testament. Therefore, churches need to learn how to pray. But who…

Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi: EP Study Commentary
Iain M. Duguid

The last three books of the Old Testament, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, have not always received the attention they deserve from the church. This is in some ways surprising, since the Gospel writers quote Zechariah 9-14 more often than any…

Worshipping with Dementia: Meditations, Scriptures and Prayers for Sufferers and Carers
Louise Morse

A resource for sufferers and carers offering consolation and support in tough times.

Dementia: Frank and Linda’s Story — New Understanding, New Approaches, New Hope
Louise Morse

This book describes how a new understanding of dementia is leading to better care, helping to maintain the personality of the sufferer. It also offers practical, day to day advice from a hands-on perspective, using a narrative structure. It follows…

A Day’s March Nearer Home: Autobiography of J. Graham Miller
J. Graham Miller

The approval of God and faithfulness to Scripture were Graham Miller's first concerns, and his autobiography will surely stir the same ambitions in others.

Johnny Cornflakes: A Story About Loving the Unloved
Denise George

The heart-warming tale of Johnny Cornflakes is based on a true story, presented in vivid detail by master storyteller Denise George. The narrative offers hope even in difficult places, challenges our attitudes toward others and shows how God can work…

Christian Worship (hymn book)

The two volumes, words-only (coloured red) and music-only (green), both contain the same preface by the publishing committee and foreword by Vernon Higham. The aim is to provide a 'traditional hymnbook in a contemporary form' to serve 'traditional evangelical churches'.…

The Message of Esther
David G. Firth

In Persia in the fifth century BC, the Jews were threatened with genocide. The book of Esther describes how this crisis was averted through the bravery of Esther, the wisdom of Mordecai and the unity of the Jewish people. However,…

A Sweet and Bitter Providence
John Piper

In 'A Sweet and Bitter Providence', John Piper teaches through the book of Ruth to reveal how God can use the most dangerous and tenuous circumstances to accomplish his purposes. Read the narrative of Ruth in a new way and…

Wise Counsel: John Newton’s Letters to John Ryland, Jr
John Newton

The reader will discover afresh in these letters, not only mature and wise counsel, but a wholesome emphasis on true Christian experience, a great breadth of Christian sympathy, and a strong confidence in the power of the grace of God,…