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July 2017

‘I’m a creationist … get me out…

So you’re a Christian young person studying science? You believe in creation because that’s what the Bible teaches, but you’re…

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July 2017

Jewels of the North Atlantic

Great Britain came very near to owning the Faroe Islands. King Henry VIII was twice offered the 18 small, mountainous…

July 2017

The quiet revival in the Faroes

The Faroe Islands lie about 180 nautical miles north west of the Shetlands. Recent archaeological digs suggest long-term settlements were…

July 2017

Făclia Publishing House publishing good Christian books…

Let me tell you my story: I was born into a loving evangelical Christian family in a harshly communist country…

July 2017

Education – Forty years of London Seminary

London Seminary celebrates 40 years of training men for pastoral ministry this year. Established under the leadership of Martyn Lloyd-Jones…

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Daddy tried: overcoming the failures of fatherhood
Tim Bayly

(5 Star) With good reason, theologian John Frame calls this ‘the best book on fathering currently in print’. Tim Bayly is an American pastor with over 30 years’ experience. He addresses fatherhood in the home, church and public square, with…

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God’s Word and Your Life
Laura Martin

This comes from Christian Focus’ CF4.K range. The small print on the back cover gives an age range of ‘Read to me: 6-8’ or ‘Read by myself: 8-12’. I would say it is ideal for those aged 11-plus. The principles…

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People in the Bible – The Life of Abraham
Malcolm Maclean

Malcolm Maclean was the managing editor for Christian Focus Publishing and now ministers in the Free Church of Scotland. As may be expected, he has written this short study on Abraham with clear biblical exposition and heartfelt, practical application. Do…

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Why Noah’s Ark is gospel truth
Peter Simpson

The author of this little book is the minister of Penn Free Methodist Church in Buckinghamshire. It is designed for evangelistic use and was written after Peter Simpson and his wife visited the recently opened ‘Ark Encounter’ in Kentucky. The…