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October 2021

Good news for the Philippines

500 years ago at the Diet of Worms, one man – Martin Luther – took a stand against his many accusers and famously declared: ‘My conscience…

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October 2021

The Church in Wales’ decision affects us…

So yet another mainstream church denomination has fallen to the LGBT juggernaut. The Church in Wales has voted to bless…

October 2021

Church in Wales allows same-sex blessing services

The Church in Wales has overwhelmingly voted in favour of allowing same-sex marriages to be blessed in church services. The…

October 2021

Families fight back against radical trans ideology

Families across the UK have pushed back against changes made by local councils to promote transgender ideology. In Scotland, the…

October 2021

First Christian street preacher to be prosecuted…

The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped its case against open-air preacher Mike Overd, who had become the first Christian preacher…

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Joel Beeke

Meditating upon God through his Word is essential for developing a deep walk with him. The Bible is not just a book about facts and historical happenings. It reveals to its reader the person of God: who he is and…

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