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May 2021

Cry Freedom! – Part 2

God’s freedom, we saw last month, means that he does not need to seek the permission of any other being…

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May 2021

Ian Hamilton: Worship today is lacking ‘reverence…

Many churches today lack a sense of reverence and awe when they gather for worship, and they need to recover…


May 2021

Kier Starmer’s apology for church visit is…

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has apologised for visiting a church that upholds biblical beliefs about sexual ethics. Starmer had…


May 2021

Fletcher report details terrible abuse, but is…

A report has been published looking into the lessons to be learned from the misconduct of Jonathan Fletcher during his…


May 2021

Concerns over vaccine passports for churches while…

There are growing concerns among church leaders that the government will introduce ‘vaccine passports’ for places of worship and extend…

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Willing but Weak: Fighting to put self-control at the heart of Christian discipleship
Paul Williams

I guess most of us, if we are really honest, would admit that we struggle with self-control. Here is a book that tackles the issue in a clear and forthright way. It is a small volume, which might superficially suggest…

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