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All reviews in June 2021

Sketches of Faith: An introduction to characters from Christian history
John D. Woodbridge (ed.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It comprises 33 short overviews of the lives of believers throughout history who were dedicated to serving God by spreading the gospel at home and abroad. For me it was a memory jogger, bringing back…

Marriages Are Made in Heaven
Steve Donald

Are marriages really made in heaven? What about the many couples who ask for pastoral advice, saying they married the wrong person? If they are Christians, they would probably agree that marriage is made in heaven. But they wouldn’t accept…

What a Comeback! Life starts again at Easter
Phil Heaps

This evangelistic publication comes in an optimal size to give to a non-Christian. Having 32 spine-bound pages, it’s more substantial than a leaflet – and thus less likely to be thrown away thoughtlessly – yet not so large as to…

The Wholesome Doctrine of the Gospel: Faith and love in the writings of William Perkins
William Perkins

William Perkins is the most influential Puritan writer you’ve never heard of! This book serves as an introduction to his works by opening up his view of the doctrine of the gospel. Perkins does this by pointing to things to…

Systematic Theology
Robert Letham

This tome could be considered Robert Letham’s magnum opus, and will undoubtedly enrich the theology and ministry of the church for years to come. The most striking feature is the accessibility of the writing style – something not easy to…

The Great Transformation: The sanctification and glorification of the believer
Maurice Roberts

This book started life as eight of the author’s sermons, and throughout it, God’s spotlight is turned onto one’s soul. Having appreciated many of Maurice Roberts’s previous books, I was not surprised by this. I found that The Great Transformation…