Film review: What is a Woman?

Film review:  What is a Woman?
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox Matthew Cox has served as pastor at Bethersden Baptist Church, Kent, since 2017, having previously worked in the social housing sector in Manchester. He is Book Reviews editor for Evangelical Times.
24 August, 2022 3 min read

Presenter: Matt Walsh
Producer: The Daily Wire
95 minutes
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This is the question which has got the proponents of transgender ideology stumped. In this high-quality documentary, Matt Walsh demonstrates the language-hollowing absurdity which results when you disconnect gender from biology. He also reveals the horrors of the life-altering treatment that’s being pushed upon vulnerable people in the name of inclusivity.

Walsh is an American journalist and practising Roman Catholic. Through most of the film he is seen interviewing professionals in gender-related fields. His simple questions elicit some jaw-droppingly honest answers.

What is a Woman? can be watched at, where a one-month subscription costs 14 US dollars.
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