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Taking the gospel ‘behind the wire’

The Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association (SASRA) is delighted to be placing two new Army Scripture Readers (ASRs) this…

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Welsh council resists secularists’ attempt to ban…

Secularists have renewed efforts to prevent local councils from conducting prayers before meetings, this time targeting Denbighshire Council in Wales.…


Dr Norman Geisler (1932-2019)

Renowned apologist, author and philosopher, Dr Norman Geisler has died at the age of 86. Known as a cross between…


Family Education Trust conference tackles Marxist-feminist view…

The ramifications of liberalising divorce law, plus growing state regulation of family life were the focus of this year’s Family…


Christian law firm celebrates its first anniversary

In June, around forty people gathered at the Cathedral View conference centre in Westminster to mark one year since the…

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Reflections: Characters in Acts — A matter of the heart
Harry Uprichard

‘Thorough’ and ‘thoughtful’ were words that came to mind as I was reading this book. This is a study of seven characters who feature in Luke’s account of the early church, showing how they responded to their encounter with the…

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Remaining Faithful in Ministry: 9 essential convictions for every pastor
John MacArthur

As the title suggests, this book is mainly directed at ministers, though occasional preachers and those considering going into the ministry would greatly benefit from its content. Dr MacArthur begins by stating that, despite having two godly ministers in his…

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More Love – Elizabeth Prentiss
Claire Williams

More Love is a short biography of Elizabeth Prentiss, though Williams uses her imagination to embellish the story by inserting conversations into the narrative. It is one of the Trailblazers books for children (8-14 years of age) but adults can…

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Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? Larry Norman and the perils of Christian rock
Gregory Thornbury

What are we to make of Larry Norman, the controversial pioneer of Christian pop music in the late 1960s and ‘70s? Gregory Alan Thornbury (son of occasional ET contributor John) tells the fascinating story with riveting style and careful accuracy.…