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The Humpty Dumpty world

When we were children we learned about Humpty Dumpty - the big egg who fell off the wall and couldn't…

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Are you sitting too comfortably?

Many years ago a wise teacher said something I have often thought about. He remarked, 'In the beginning God made…


December 2005

I had to be sure

I always imagined that the answers to life lay in experiencing new things - travelling, learning about other cultures and…


December 2005

Does God exist?

'Does God exist?' 'Is there more to life than what is here and now?' I struggled with these questions like…


December 2005

Happy or haggard?

Our culture pushes us to get more - the Bible prompts us to give more. Our society makes a virtue…

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Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul
John Eldredge

Whenever a book written for men (notoriously known for their lack of interest in reading) sells over one million copies, you can be sure that it has made a clear connection. John Eldredge has called attention to some problems with…

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