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November 2005

Preachers and their hearers

As Peter preached the gospel to Cornelius and his friends, 'The Holy Ghost fell upon them which heard the word'…

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November 2005

Missionary Spotlight – The mission field they…

It can be difficult to get into prison — security clearance is always needed and a security clampdown may deny…


November 2005

Calvinism and open-air preaching

A recent ET correspondent asked - 'What about a special piece by a Calvinist on starting up open-air preaching?'  So…


November 2005

The little man of Mindoro

Margaret and I began our ministry in the Philippines in 1970 on the small island of Mindoro. As new missionaries,…


Theodore Beza (1519-1605)

Have you ever heard a conversation like this? Charles: Hey, Jim, did you know that Theodore Beza died 400 years…

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