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December 2006

Making sense of life

William Wade is on the staff of SASRA, an evangelistic organisation working among Army and RAF personnel. This is his…

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December 2006

Building on sand

I had good parents but ours was not a God-fearing home. I was sent to Sunday school at a little…


December 2006

Brave new world

For me, religion was not Christianity - it was football. During the long summer months, from eight in the morning…


December 2006

Wings over Darfur

The humanitarian crisis in Darfur has affected millions of people. Many have died through the war and its consequences. Disease…


December 2006

Teen testimony -afraid to sleep

I was born and brought up in a Christian family and I have been going to church since I was…

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Wings Like a Dove: The Courage of Queen Jeanne D’Albret
Christine Farenhorst

Wings Like a Dove is the story of the only daughter of the King and Queen of the tiny kingdom of Navarre - born in the year 1528 in a Roman Catholic France that was being challenged by the rediscovery…

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