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December 2007

News – Abortion Act 40th anniversary

Abortion Act 40th anniversary October saw the 40th anniversary of Parliament passing the Abortion Act which legalised abortion. Many now believe…

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December 2007

Fun year for atheists!

Fun year for atheists!The atheists have had a fun year, with five or six high-profile books attacking religion indiscriminately. We…


December 2007

News – Flood relief flights in Uganda

Flood relief flights in Uganda An estimated 300,000 people have been affected by severe flooding in Uganda. Many bridges and roads…


December 2007

News – Iraq’s Christians suffer

Iraq's Christians suffer Christians in Iraq face severe persecution and dwindling numbers, according to reports from charity and aid organisations working…


December 2007

News – Early Stonehenge settlement

Early Stonehenge settlementArchaeologists working near Stonehenge have uncovered what they believe is the largest Neolithic settlement ever discovered in northern…

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Jesus himself; the story of the resurrection
Marcus Loane

Always appreciating the writings of Marcus Loane, I anticipated this small volume with not a little relish. But, expecting vintage Loane, I was sorry to be disappointed. Perhaps I should have been more prepared, for the author himself says in…

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Experiencing the Spirit
Graham Beynon

A few years ago the Holy Spirit was sometimes referred to as ‘the forgotten person of the Godhead’ – such was the neglect of his person and work. In more recent times this has changed through preaching and publications, not…

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Making the most of the rest of your life
John Chapman

John Chapman wrote this in his 75th year while living in an Australian retirement home, but the long title to his short book is a challenge to people whatever their age. The large print will be helpful to readers whose…