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December 2011

Christmas riches

Christmas riches'For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes…

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December 2011

God’s love

On 14 February 2010 my life changed forever. My journey until then had been roughand rocky.


December 2011

One huge problem

Have you ever taken a wrong turning and ended up far from where you meant to be? Have you ever shared in the shame of the footballer who missed a penalty goal in a crucial match?


December 2011

Caroline Gabbott

Doubts conquered


December 2011

Medal of honour

The American people's honour and gratitude for their armed forces is notable and commendable. On what must be approaching two dozen occasions, I have witnessed members of the public stopping uniformed personnel and thanking them openly for their service to the American nation.

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The Dawkins Proof for the existence of God
Richard Barns

In The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins sets out his case against God. There we have the considered arguments of the western world's best known proponent of atheism. It should be powerful. It should be compelling. The Dawkins Proof examines those…

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John Calvin – Man of God’s Word
Peter Barnes

Martin Luther said that 'once the pure and certain Word is taken away, there remains no consolation, no salvation, no hope'. That is where the church found itself just before the Reformation. No man did more to point the church…

Josiah’s Reformation
Richard Sibbes

Richard Sibbes always sought to get under the superficial layer of his listeners' behaviour and deal with their hearts. He knew that the outward acts of sin spring from the inner desires of the heart. Merely to alter a person's…

True Spirituality
Vaughan Roberts

What does it mean to be a truly spiritual Christian? At a time when there is no shortage of answers competing for our attention, how do we know what really is from God? This book looks for answers in the…