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Matthew Henry — a detailed look

Matthew Henry — a detailed look To fully appreciate the life and ministry of Matthew Henry, we first need to…

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October 2012

Extinction of species

Extinction of speciesInternational conservation groups have unveiled a list of the world’s 100 most threatened animals, plants and fungi, stressing…


October 2012


KnowledgeOne of the benefits of living here in Britain, AD 2012, is the sheer volume of information most of us…


October 2012

Olympic outreach

Olympic outreachThe Olympic Games proved to be a unique opportunity to share the gospel in London. People from virtually every…


October 2012

Welcome Hall Evangelical Church

Welcome Hall Evangelical ChurchOn Saturday 1 September, over 250 people gathered for the induction of Jeremy Brooks as pastor of…

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Pray, plan, prepare, preach – establishing and maintaining priorities in the preaching ministry
Iain D. Campbell

The New Testament places a great emphasis on preaching – that is, the public heralding of the message of God’s Word. In many churches, preaching has been sidelined by activities, or else has become squeezed out by other pressures. This…

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Archibald G. Brown
Iain H. Murray

Archibald G.Brown (1844-1922), instead of following his father to wealth in commerce and banking, built a church to hold 3,000 in the East End of London while still in his twenties. Five thousand eight hundred were to join in 30…

The Heart of Christ
Thomas Goodwin

The Heart of Christ in Heaven towards Sinners on Earth was first published in 1651, and it soon became Thomas Goodwin’s (1600-1680) most popular work. It is a fine example of his Christ- centredness and his mix of theological rigour…

His Life and Influence – Matthew Henry
Allan Harman

Matthew Henry (1662-1714) is highly-valued by contemporary preachers and Bible users. Here we get a closer look at the life of Matthew Henry by an author who has had a life-long interest in Matthew Henry and his writings. Matthew Henry…