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We’re on the winning side!

We’re on the winning side!In Genesis 12, Abram was told that a great nation would descend from him and that…

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February 2013

Sea level scare

Sea level scareMelting glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland may push up global sea levels more than three feet by the…


It’s contagious!

It’s contagious! In 2000, three experienced Christian youth workers — Ian Fry, Trevor Pearce and Pete Woodcock — arranged a…


February 2013

Sunday working

Sunday workingA Christian children’s worker has lost her appeal against her former employers, who changed their stance and forced her…


February 2013

Hungry children

Hungry childrenUK children are coming to school hungry, either because their parents are too poor to help or because children…

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Triple Jeopardy for the West
Michael Nazir-Ali

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali considers the impact that aggressive secularism, radical Islamism and multiculturalism are having on the Western world, and particularly Britain. He argues that, because of their rejection of the Judeo-Christian foundations which have shaped so much of the…

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Lifeline: How to know God from John 3:16
Andrew Christofides

The most famous verse in the Bible—John 3:16—has been described as the gospel in a nutshell. In this short book, Andy Christofides uses this verse as a vehicle to explain what the Christian faith is all about. He writes plainly…

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The death of the Saviour
Richard D. Phillips

At the heart of the Christian faith is the simple truth, yet profound mystery, that 'Christ died for our sins'. According to the Apostle Paul, Christ dying in our place is the truth of 'first importance' in the gospel, apart…

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Travel with Bishop J C Ryle
Alan Munden

During his thirty-six years as a country clergyman in Suffolk, J C Ryle wrote about 200 tracts, historical biographies and biblical commentaries. By these publications his name became well-known outside his rural parishes and at the same time he was…