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October 2013

Central Baptist retirement service

On Sunday 14 July, a day of thanksgiving was held at Central Baptist Church, Walthamstow, for Pastor Roger Neil ahead…

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October 2013

Tibet’s well-sold lie

The sky burial site was a disturbing scene. The sweet smell of rotting flesh filled the man’s nostrils, stimulating his…


October 2013

Reeth Evangelical Congregational Church

Rev. David Levell was inducted to the pastorate of Reeth Evangelical Congregational Church this July.    The service was chaired by…


October 2013

Anglican cleric takes on Archbishop Welby

A diagnosis by the Archbishop of Canterbury of the crisis within Anglicanism has received a stinging critique from Rev. Canon…


October 2013

David Brainerd (1718-1747) (2)

Last month’s article on David Brainerd highlighted Jonathan Edwards’ esteem for his friend as an exemplar of authentic Christianity. Although…

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Suffering & sovereignty — John Flavel and the Puritans on afflictive providence
Brian H. Cosby

John Flavel wrote extensively on the subject of human suffering and how it relates to divine sovereignty. He himself experienced great suffering through the deaths of three wives and a son and continual persecution from state officials. Because many of…

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The Big Ego Trip
Glynn Harrison

After decades of trying to feel good about ourselves, why do we still hunger for meaning and significance? In this provocative book, Glynn Harrison argues that self-esteem ideology has led us down a psychological cul-de-sac that causes more harm than…

Encouragement for Today’s Pastors
Terry Slachter

The Scriptures advise us to learn from examples of faithful ministers (Heb. 13:7). The Puritans were a group of such ministers whose teaching and living can be particularly encouraging to troubled and discouraged pastors today. They were steadfast in adhering…

Freeing Tangled Hearts
Dolores Kimball

Are you sometimes left confused by the conflicting array of feelings you experience as a woman? Do you let your heart rule your head? In this book Dolores Kimball takes an honest look at our lives as women and urges…