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December 2016

Persecution: Uk – Ashers cake row

Ashers Baking Company owners Daniel and Amy McArthur have stated that God has been ‘bringing about good’, despite the Belfast…

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December 2016

Cradled in a manger

Our familiarity with the first Christmas scene can easily blunt us to its staggering wonder. Luke 2:12 records the infant…

December 2016

Ethics – Aisling Hubert

Pro-life campaigner Aisling Hubert has seen her challenge against the unjust costs awarded against her adjourned until January. The 23-year-old…

December 2016

Do we have enough evidence to trust…

People today must judge between two contradictory worldviews: the biblical worldview and the evolutionary worldview. I’m a lawyer, so I…

December 2016

Christmas – Operation Christmas Child

Christmas shoe box gifts have been dropped off over November, with thousands of churches across the UK preparing to send…

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A Survey of Church History Part 5 (DVD)
W. Robert Godfrey

W. Robert Godfrey is president and professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, California. He here provides an informative, insightful and interesting series of twelve lectures on 1800-1900. Although produced primarily for an American audience, there is much that…

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Amazing Acts — Act one: Enjoying the real life drama of Acts 1:1 to 9:31
Gerard Chrispin

This is the first of three studies working through the book of Acts. Gerard Chrispin (Christian Prison Resources Ministries; United Beach Mission and Christian Answer; Day One author) brings his passion for the Word of God, along with his clear…

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Bitesize Biography – J Gresham Machen
Sean Michael Lucas

If one is looking for a brief insight into one of the world’s leading theologians and apologists of the twentieth century, this is an excellent choice. Machen was born on 28 July 1881 to Arthur and Mary ‘Minnie’. They taught…

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PT Resources – Introducing 1&2 Kings
Bob Fyall

When I preached a series of sermons on the books of Kings, I was sorely tempted to rely on the two excellent volumes by Dale Ralph Davis and let him do the hard work for me. The struggle with temptation…