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LETTER FROM AMERICA: President Kennedy’s assassination

On Friday 22 November 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated while riding in…

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Christians and slavery

Evangelicals rightly celebrate William Wilberforce. His Christian beliefs motivated his historic effort to secure the abolition of the slave trade,…


Something easily overlooked

Last year — 500 years on since the Reformation — was one of joyful commemoration, focusing on the exhilarating truths…


In whose name?

In ET August 2016, ‘Teach us how not to pray’ looked at some bad ways people pray, putting their desires…


Pierre Viret (1511-1571) — another forgotten Reformer…

The failed attempts to murder Pierre Viret (ET, October 2017) backfired on the Catholics; they were regarded with suspicion and…

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Psalms Vol. 1: From Suffering to Glory (Welwyn Commentary Series)
Philip Eveson

This commentary from Philip Eveson, in the Welwyn Commentary Series, begins with a ten-page introduction, briefly touching on psalm headings (part of the Hebrew text); the division of the Psalter into five books; different types of psalm (praise, prayer, thanksgiving,…

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Why should I believe Christianity?
James N. Anderson

The author, a Scotsman, is a faculty member of Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina. The book is part of an apologetics series called ‘The Big Ten: Critical Questions Answered’. Its purpose is clear from the title: to persuade unbelievers…

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A wind in the house of Islam
David Garrison

The stated purpose of this book is to review the re-emergence of Christianity in the Muslim world. Garrison was motivated to write it by the high number of Muslim conversions to Christ during the last 100 years, particularly in the…

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The Great River – Primitive Methodism till 1868
David M. Young

This book describes the origins and development of Primitive Methodism in North Hampshire. As such, it is an encouragement to perseverance in evangelistic work today. The book is not a general history of the denomination. Instead, it offers a carefully…