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The surprising story of David Michell (part2)

Part 1 is here. After the Japanese attack on Pearl harbour and the entry of the United States into the…

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The surprising story of David Michell (Part…

Part 1 is here Part 2 is here Six months after the death of Eric Liddell the prisoners in Weihsien…


April 2017

Children, fathers, youths (3)

Continued from Children, fathers, youths (2) In previous articles we considered the passage in 1 John 2:12-14, where the apostle addresses…


April 2017

Politics – Domestic abuse

Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that current legislation governing domestic abuse in England and Wales is to be overhauled.…


April 2017

Ethics – Up-to-birth abortion Bill

Abortion up to birth, for any reason, could be permissible by law if a new Bill going through Parliament is…

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Talking Points: Transgender
Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts’ latest book is a good introduction to a topic that has hit our culture like a juggernaut. At just 64-pages, it is a quick read. Chapter 1 defines terms. What does ‘transgender’ actually mean? Is it sexual? Chapter…

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Every promise of your Word­ — the gospel according to Joshua
Rhett Dodson

The result of a lifetime’s study, this book is heart-warming, searching and readable. The author’s years of preaching through Joshua are clearly discernible in the structure of each chapter. As well as making warm application of the text, he shows…

Primer – How Far We Fell (Issue 2) – the doctrine of sin

Primer is a new journal published twice a year by the FIEC. Each issue focuses on one subject with different authors providing analysis from various angles. The journal is aimed primarily at church leaders, to help them engage with significant…

Trail Blazers – Ulrich Zwingli – Shepherd Warrior
William Boekestein

‘They can kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul’. So exclaimed Ulrich Zwingli, as he was dying on the battlefield, fighting for the Protestant cause. Born a few weeks after Luther and 25 years before Calvin, he was…