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May 2017

Conference – Connected

After running for 28 years as the ‘North of England church officers’ conference’, we met at Dewsbury Evangelical Church on…

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God’s amazing love

Imagine John, the last of the apostles, now an old man in his 80s, and close to death. He has…


May 2017

Conference – Treasuring Christ

It was a real blessing to have Tim Challies over with us in Ballygomartin Baptist Church, all the way from…


May 2017

Letter from America: Government by Executive Order

If one thing could be said of Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, he is not a…


May 2017

Education – Science skills and religion

Students in hard-line religious countries perform worse in science and mathematics, research from Leeds Beckett University controversially claims. However, the…

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Psalms Vol. 1: From Suffering to Glory (Welwyn Commentary Series)
Philip Eveson

This commentary from Philip Eveson, in the Welwyn Commentary Series, begins with a ten-page introduction, briefly touching on psalm headings (part of the Hebrew text); the division of the Psalter into five books; different types of psalm (praise, prayer, thanksgiving,…

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The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures
D. A. Carson

This collection of 37 hefty essays by leading scholars, edited by Donald Carson, is a window on the state of the authority of Scripture in the Anglo-Saxon evangelical world today. Six contributions come from the UK, three from Australia, one…

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Ephesians — a Mentor expository commentary
Richard D. Phillips

Commentaries come in many sizes and formats, from the highly technical and exegetical to those of a more devotional character. This one falls into the category of expository reflections on the text of Ephesians and is one of the latest…

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1, 2, 3 John – A Mentor Expository Commentary
Terry L. Johnson

There is, arguably, no more searching book in the Bible than the first letter of John. I may say that I am a Christian and believe that I am a Christian, but the key question is, am I? John, in…