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The Bible commands us to constantly be praising God for all our blessings. But there is also a strange command…

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Farsi media ministry

Farsi is the language of Iran, much of Afghanistan and neighbouring communities, totalling about 110 million Farsi-speakers. Except in the…


Eritrean crackdown

Christians in Eritrea are experiencing an increased state crackdown, with fears that even children face a future behind bars, Release…


Moldova (2)

Donald J. Morrison continues his report on gospel ministry to Romanians and Russians in Moldova’s rural countryside.. As we went…


Erroll Hulse (1931-2017)

We heard from his family on 3 August of the passing of Pastor Erroll Hulse, in the Wetherby Manor Nursing…

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Book Reviews from September 2017

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Voices from the Past Vol 2
Richard Rushing

This book consists of selections from around 30 authors from the Puritan era, arranged as daily readings. The editor has condensed and abridged the extracts, seeking to remain faithful to the authors’ flows of thought. Each day’s section is headed…

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All Things Made New – Writings on the Reformation
Diarmaid MacCulloch

There has been a recent flurry of publications on the Reformation. Prior to this, Oxford professor Diarmaid McCulloch stood out in the renewal of Reformation studies. His titles include Thomas Cranmer: a life (1997) and Reformation: Europe’s house divided (2004).…

Spoken for — embracing who you are and whose you are
Robin Gunn

Spoken for is a brilliant read, which draws upon biblical promises as well as biographical anecdotes from Gunn and Bethke. They remind readers that, whether married or single, Christians have been chosen and pursued by God, and he should be…

Grace Essentials
John Calvin

Christian Focus is to be commended for publishing a clear, concise and comprehensive compendium of John Calvin’s classic, The Institutes of the Christian religion. Systematic, biblical theology is presented in an accessible and appealing format. Using the ESV Bible text,…