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Induction – Hitchin Grace Baptist welcomes pastor

Hitchin Grace Baptist Church welcomed its new pastor Tom Forryan at a service attended by 200 people, in the Priory…

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Church – Pioneers for London

The Bishop of London is backing the identifying and training of new pioneer leaders in order to birth ‘new churches,…


Church – Church Society Council

Church Society’s Council met in October to discuss the ‘memorandum of agreement’ made between Church Society, Reform and the Fellowship…


Events – What is man?

The latest ‘Alpha and Omega Conference’ took place on Saturday 6 October, when Professor Edgar Andrews (see p.3) delivered two…


Events – 50th anniversary in Wolverhampton

An anniversary gives us another opportunity to remember, and on 15-16 September 2018 the members and friends of West Park…

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Why Is There Evil in the World (and So Much of It?) (The Big Ten)
Greg Welty

Anyone who regularly engages in outdoor evangelism will tell you that the question of this book’s title is the one most frequently raised by people on the street. It is good to know, therefore, the solid biblical answers with which…

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The Truth About Hell
John Blanchard

“‘Hell’ may be a very popular word, but hell is a hugely unpopular subject” (p.5). So writes Blanchard in his introduction to this helpful little book. We may not want to think or speak about hell, but we must discover…

Saints of Zion
R. C. Sproul

I approached this review with some trepidation as it is unfamiliar territory for me. This was further compounded by the recent death of R. C. Sproul, a mighty servant of God who has now gone to his eternal reward. The…

Be Faithful
Michael Ovey

I enjoyed this slim volume immensely. Its contributors point out that faithfulness means clarity about the gospel and about contemporary delusions about sin. The contributors are realistic about the pressures facing faithful servants of God in Anglican ministry especially. It…