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LETTER FROM AMERICA – American Zionism

Early in December 2017 President Trump announced that the United States would recognize that Jerusalem was the capital city of…

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YOUTH FEATURE: Star Wars, Episode VIII, The…

I grew up on TV, and as a child had a particular interest in science fiction. What interested me was…


The RAF at 100; SASRA at 180

The Royal Air Force (RAF) was formed on the 1 April 1918, when the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and Royal…


Christ’s resurrection and our justification

How is the resurrection of Christ linked to the idea of justification in the New Testament? To answer this question,…


International – Answers in Kentucky

Answers in Genesis’ associate speaker Prof. Andy McIntosh took part in a robust debate in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, alongside Dan…

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Book Reviews from April 2018

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A Journey Into Calvary
Timothy Cross

This book is best described as a simple survey of the death of Jesus. In 20 short chapters, Timothy Cross writes about aspects of the cross of Christ, in relation to the gospel and the Christian life. The writing is…

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Saints of Zion
R. C. Sproul

I approached this review with some trepidation as it is unfamiliar territory for me. This was further compounded by the recent death of R. C. Sproul, a mighty servant of God who has now gone to his eternal reward. The…

A Good Old Age
Derek Prime

As I am approaching my 90s, this excellent book came into my hands at an apposite time. I also live near seaside beach huts and, as these are pictured on the book cover, found that fond memories were stirred. I…

All you need to know about the Bible — book 6: enjoy your Bible!
Brian H. Edwards

This book is the last in a series aiming to instil confidence in the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God. This instalment addresses why we should read the Bible and how to read it profitably. It is divided…