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UBM anniversary at New Quay

Does this photo make you miss summer, or at least the warmer weather? Perhaps this report will at least warm…

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Does the sheep know it’s lost?

We think of the little lamb wandering off and bleating helplessly. The Good Shepherd hears the cry and comes to…


From devastation to blessing

Ukraine — it’s now a forgotten war. No longer does it feature in Western news bulletins or confront us on…


Daylight Prison Trust201

Christians gathered at the Bethel Convention Centre in West Bromwich, on Saturday 4 November 2017, to hear about Daylight Christian…


Grace Baptist Mission thanksgiving services2

‘The cannibals! The cannibals will eat you!’ That was how an elderly brother warned John G. Paton as he was…

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Cornerstones of Salvation
Lee Gatiss

The title of this book quotes a phrase used in the text just three pages from the end. In a chapter examining John Wesley’s campaigns against Calvinism, Dr Gatiss warns that adulation for Wesley, merely on the grounds God used…

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Steps Towards Heaven
J. C. Ryle

What a joy this is to read! It is an edited series of what were originally tracts. It is easy to understand, well written and sound in its doctrine of salvation. The book opens with a chapter on sin, explaining…

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Seven Leaders – Preachers & Pastors20
Iain H. Murray

The author is convinced that important lessons may be learned from ministers of bygone ages. He presents role models for aspiring ministers to follow, men whose example serves to both challenge and encourage. Seasoned pastors will also benefit from reading…

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Is hell for real?
Erik Raymond

This extremely helpful little book is part of a series called ‘Questions Christians ask’. The author is primarily writing for Christians, but is also mindful that an enquirer may be reading. He issues this powerful challenge on p.71: ‘Friend, our…