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GUEST COLUMN: Spurgeon’s fainting fits

It comes as a surprise to some that Charles Spurgeon had a lifelong battle with depression. His reputation as a…

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COMMENT: Drifting back to the Test Acts

We are drifting back to the era of the Test Acts. For those who don’t know, the Test Acts were…


Did Jesus hold false beliefs?

It is becoming increasingly popular for theologians to accept the idea that Jesus, because of his human nature, erred in…


George Burder, founder of the Religious Tract…

Celebrity status is temporary. Time races on, life is congested and we soon forget. Of course, some towering figures of…


Solving conflicts in the home

We have an announcement to make — today, our families and marriages are under siege. Good communication and conflict resolution…

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Essentials: the heart of the Christian Faith
Lee McMunn

This is a very short book, with just 35 pages of text, designed to explain the “Essentials” of Christianity to unbelievers. It’s based on verses from Luke’s gospel. It’s split into 5 parts, entitled Reveal, Reject, Rescue, Relationship, and Response;…

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The Truth About Hell
John Blanchard

“‘Hell’ may be a very popular word, but hell is a hugely unpopular subject” (p.5). So writes Blanchard in his introduction to this helpful little book. We may not want to think or speak about hell, but we must discover…

Be Faithful
Michael Ovey

I enjoyed this slim volume immensely. Its contributors point out that faithfulness means clarity about the gospel and about contemporary delusions about sin. The contributors are realistic about the pressures facing faithful servants of God in Anglican ministry especially. It…

Psalms Vol. 1: From Suffering to Glory (Welwyn Commentary Series)
Philip Eveson

This commentary from Philip Eveson, in the Welwyn Commentary Series, begins with a ten-page introduction, briefly touching on psalm headings (part of the Hebrew text); the division of the Psalter into five books; different types of psalm (praise, prayer, thanksgiving,…