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Mozambique: Visit from the Former Vice Minister…

When I arrived in Mozambique back in 1990 the government was still Marxist and aligned with the former Soviet Union.…

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Healthy Christianity: Transformed Life and Conduct

In previous articles we have been looking at the importance of balance in the Christian life, following the lead of…


Freed, but at a price

Just days before Easter 2018, Redouane Lakdim, a 25-year-old Moroccan criminal, opened fire on passengers in a car in southern…


Are churches keeping our children and vulnerable…

Safeguarding practices have been an important part of churches since the late 1990s, but as society has changed, has the…


‘You once were, now you are not’

Practising homosexuals who profess to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are demanding that they should be welcomed as…

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How the Bible Can Change Your Life: Answers to the Ten Most Common Questions about the Bible
Josh Moody

This book started as a series of sermons preached at Wheaton Chapel in which Pastor Moody aimed to answer questions about the Bible. I appreciated Moody’s aim in addressing these questions. His points were often fresh, illuminating and helpful. One…

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The Pastor’s Soul
Jim Savastio

On the basis that pastors live and work under considerable pressure, this short and lucid book aims to offer them some of the help they so greatly need. The authors are both Baptist pastors in Louisville, Kentucky. They write with…

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John Newton (Christian Biographies for Young Readers)
Simonetta Carr

Christian Biographies for Young Readers seek to introduce seven-to twelve-year-olds to some important characters from church history. This addition to the series is well researched and documented. The author takes care to set John Newton in his historical setting, explaining…