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Obituary: Stuart Sendall-King (1922–2020)

Mission Aviation Fellowship’s (MAF) co-founder, former RAF Flight Lieutenant, and Normandy Landings veteran Stuart Sendall-King has died aged 98. Stuart…

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Obituary: Gwilym Roberts (1927–2020)

Revd Gwilym Roberts, a faithful minister of the gospel, has died aged 93. Gwilym was raised in Mold, North Wales.…


Obituary: Mary Gladstone (1926–2020)

The importance of the Bible for beliefs and behaviour, as well as lucid books to bring Scripture afresh to each…


Nigeria & China: Still major concern for…

Nigeria and China remain major concerns in 2020 for Release International, according to its latest report. The Christian advocacy organisation…


France: Court rules against ‘mother’ name for…

France’s highest court has ruled that a man who lives as if he is a woman cannot be listed as…

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The Pastor of Kilsyth: The Life and Times of W. H. Burns
Islay Burns

This is a slow-burn biography about what often looks like a slow-burn life. First published in 1860, its approach can seem ponderous. Some elements might bewilder anyone but a two-hundred year old Scotsman. So why persevere with the book? Because…

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The Westminster Standards for Today
Kevin Bidwell

It is probably true to say that the Westminster Assembly’s Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms have become the best known but least read subordinate standards in Presbyterian churches the world over. Indeed, late 19th and early 20th…

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How Shall They Hear: Why non-preachers need to know what preaching is
Ryan M McGraw

There are so many books about preaching on the market and here is yet another one. However this one comes with a difference, as its focus is on the hearers of preaching rather than on those who preach. As the…

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Church life — Its nature, privileges, demands and blessings
Paul E. Brown

‘Whose church is it? How should it then order itself?’ We live in days when ‘God’s / Christ’s’, and, ‘according to the Scriptures’ are sadly not always the answers given, at least in practice. The view of the church as…