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Edinburgh City Council deplatforms evangelist

Larry Stockstill, an American minister due to speak at the Surge conference in June, has been banned by Edinburgh’s local…

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The ‘Wonders of creation’ event at Bere…

About 90 people gathered at Bere Regis Congregational Chapel in January for a day’s teaching on ‘Wonders of creation: design…


Southern Presbytery colloquium hosted by Knightwood, Glasgow

Knightswood Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in Glasgow recently hosted the eighth Southern Presbytery colloquium. Numbers were up on last…


GBC Portsmouth anniversary focuses on revival

Grace Baptist Church, Portsmouth, recently celebrated its 18th anniversary. Brian Edwards (Hook Church, Surbiton) visited and spoke on three occasions.…


50th anniversary for Crieff Fellowship

The 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Crieff Fellowship was marked by an exceptional conference of preaching, reflection, fellowship,…

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Dementia from the Inside: A Doctor’s Personal Journey of Hope
Louise Morse

Are you likely to suffer from dementia? Good question. The unwelcome answer is ‘possibly’. The number of people with dementia in England and Wales is expected to rise to one million by 2021 and to two million by 2050. In…

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In Their Own Words — The Testimonies of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, and John Bunyan

This little book is a gem. It is not a formal biography but a study of four men from different backgrounds. In their own words, each one recalls the way in which God intervened in his life to teach him…

Opening up Ezekiel
Andy Oliver

This is a fine addition to Day One’s Opening Up commentary series. Andy Oliver paints a clear historical picture of the weighty biblical book of Ezekiel and steers the reader helpfully into a contextual understanding of it, showing its place…

Ephesians (Tyndale New Testament Commentary)
Darrell L. Bock

Whenever a new commentary is published from the conservative viewpoint on a book of the Bible which is already well covered, there ought to be few issues of concern because there is so much literature with which to compare it.…