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December 2007

News – Abortion Act 40th anniversary

Abortion Act 40th anniversary October saw the 40th anniversary of Parliament passing the Abortion Act which legalised abortion. Many now believe…

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December 2007

Fun year for atheists!

Fun year for atheists!The atheists have had a fun year, with five or six high-profile books attacking religion indiscriminately. We…

December 2007

News – Flood relief flights in Uganda

Flood relief flights in Uganda An estimated 300,000 people have been affected by severe flooding in Uganda. Many bridges and roads…

December 2007

News – Iraq’s Christians suffer

Iraq's Christians suffer Christians in Iraq face severe persecution and dwindling numbers, according to reports from charity and aid organisations working…

December 2007

News – Early Stonehenge settlement

Early Stonehenge settlementArchaeologists working near Stonehenge have uncovered what they believe is the largest Neolithic settlement ever discovered in northern…

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