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July 2003

Paganism today-Making sense of the alternative spiritual…

If the shelves of the nation's bookshops are any reliable guide to its interests, we have problems, serious problems.My local…

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July 2003

Racial riots and the gospel

Hardly a day passes without an incident of racial discrimination or riot being brought to our attention, whether in the…


July 2003

Missionary Spotlight-A trip to the Philippines

At the invitation of Brian Ellis, a veteran Reformed Baptist missionary pastor, I recently had the privilege of participating in…


John Wesley – Genius on horseback

'You seem a very temperate people here, and in comfortable circumstance', observed Cardinal Newman to a miner, while on a…


July 2003

Guest Column

The sun was approaching its zenith in the Amazon forest of the River Japura basin. But for the endless shrill…

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