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The unequal yoke

We received sad news from a missionary friend recently. For many years, Don & Marianne (not their real names) have…

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Unwrapped: The Enemy

Editor’s note: Before his recent death, John had kindly agreed to ET reproducing this edited and slightly abridged chapter from…


Adjusting to the old normal

Coronavirus has changed church life dramatically. Services and activities have been reconfigured, moved online, or stopped altogether. And being creatures…


God means it for good

The Bible tells us that God controls everything in our lives and in our world. The problem is, however, that…


Ban on ‘conversion therapy’ confirmed in Queen’s…

The Queen’s Speech – which sets out the government’s agenda for the coming parliamentary session – has confirmed there will…

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Marriages Are Made in Heaven
Steve Donald

Are marriages really made in heaven? What about the many couples who ask for pastoral advice, saying they married the wrong person? If they are Christians, they would probably agree that marriage is made in heaven. But they wouldn’t accept…

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