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March 2010

Haiti’s agony

Haiti's agony As aid agencies and missions carry on caring for the sick and dispossessed in the aftermath of the Haitian…

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March 2010

News – Get smart on law

Get smart on law Churches and charities are asking questions such as: 'Can we still insist that the church secretary be…

March 2010

Victory for peer pressure

Victory for peer pressure Until recently, Baroness Detta O'Cathain was relatively unknown outside Westminster. But after defending churches from certain clauses…

March 2010

Snow joke

Snow joke  Sixteen volunteers from Africa, Asia and South America got more than they bargained for when they came to…

March 2010

Meteoric Methodism (4)

Meteoric Methodism (4) Roger Fay Meteors are quickly extinguished in the night sky. The history of Primitive Methodism is, likewise, one of…

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