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May 2008

Review – Is that you, Lord? –…

Is that you, Lord?Gary E. GilleyEvangelical Press92 pages; £6.95; ISBN: 978-0-85234-625-5 Christian guidance is such a perennially thorny issue for so…

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May 2008

News – Free Church wants schools back

Free Church wants schools back The editor of the Free Church's Monthly Record magazine has called for the return of Presbyterian…

May 2008

Jesus preached Christ

Jesus preached Christ  An edited extract from Day One's new book by Mike Abendroth - Jesus Christ: the Prince of…

May 2008

News – British youth in crisis

British youth in crisis 'Unhappy, unloved and out of control' is the scathing analysis of Britain's young people offered by the…

May 2008

News – Act of Settlement

Act of Settlement  A report in the Daily Telegraph suggests that the Government may look at abolishing the 307-year-old Act…

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