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November 2016

Inductions – Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth

On Saturday 3 September, Rhodri Brady’s service of ordination and induction to the pastorate of Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth,…

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Persecution: Russia – American charged

An American citizen has had to pay a 40,000 rouble (US$700) fine after a Russian judge ruled he had ‘unlawfully…


November 2016

The myth of Mother Teresa

On 4 September 2016, Pope Francis canonised Mother Teresa as a Catholic ‘saint’ at a Vatican ceremony. This article by…


November 2016

Ethics – Don’t Screen Us Out

A controversial new, non-invasive, pre-natal test (NIPT) for Down’s syndrome is under public scrutiny. The Royal College of Obstetricians and…


November 2016

Conference – Through the lens of Melchizedek

At the beginning of September, the John Owen Centre hosted delegates, who endured the intense heat of the hottest September…

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Communicating for a change — seven keys to irresistible communication
Lane Jones

This was a frustrating read. There is much that is good and helpful, but it is couched in a rather arrogant tone and fails to say anything helpful that hasn’t already been said by others. It is a book of…

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The Forgotten Fear
Albert N. Martin

This is a much-needed book on a largely neglected subject. It is divided into seven chapters, with questions to ponder at the end of each. In the first chapter, the author shows that fear of God is not an outdated,…

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Living in a Godly Marriage
Joel Beeke

This book is the latest in the ‘Deepen your Christian life’ series, which aims to make Puritan wisdom on various subjects accessible to a contemporary audience. Modern readers may wonder how relevant Puritan ideas are to the success of marriage…

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Why the Reformation still matters
Michael Reeves & Tim Chester

Michael Reeves and Tim Chester have done a great service to the church in writing this book. It is a timely reminder of what happened in Europe some 500 years ago, in what has been called the Great Reformation. In…