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September 2013

Evangelical Ministry Assembly

The Evangelical Ministry Assembly took place at the City of London’s Barbican Centre at the end of June. The three…

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September 2013

Truth to live by

Truth to Live By Ministries, set up by Dr Charles Somerville, came into being in order to take a stand…


September 2013

Children of courage

The children of Christians are facing hostility and discrimination in places where Christians are a persecuted minority. As important to…


September 2013

Prison encouragements

Christian Prison Ministries (CPM) is reporting answers to prayer in its work in London prisons, with prisoners coming to faith…


September 2013

20th anniversary of church massacre

Twenty years ago, on 25 July 1993, an Anzanian Peoples Liberation Army terrorist opened fire on the worshippers of St…

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The message of women — creation, grace and gender
Dianne Tidball

The message of women — creation, grace and gender Derek and Dianne Tidball IVP 304 pages, £11.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-595-1 Star rating : 2 This book explores the teaching of the whole Bible regarding women. It falls into four parts. First…

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Kingdom Come — the amillennial alternative
Sam Storms

Kingdom come — the amillennial alternativeSam StormsChristian Focus (Mentor)559 pages, £19.99ISBN: 978-1-78191-132-7 Reading Kingdom come has been a delight. For those who glaze over at the mention of millennialism, there are two main positions: that Christ comes after the millennium…

Bitesize Biography – John Newton
John Crotts

John Newton John Crotts EP Books, 144 pages, £6.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-908-3 Star rating : 4 This is another in EP’s Bitesize Biographies series, which served our church well last year, when ‘book month’ promoted the reading of Christian books. This…

The Gospel’s Power & Message
Paul Washer

The gospel’s power and messagePaul WasherReformation Heritage Books, 274 pages, £12.05ISBN: 978-1-60178-195-6Star rating : 5 This book is a most helpful contribution to Christianity. Seldom has such essential, solid theology been so readable. Washer likens the gospel message to the…