Liverpool Bible Convention

Paul Kinnaird and Ray Peel
01 August, 2010 1 min read

Liverpool Bible Convention

Since 1941, Calvary Baptist Church has held an annual Bible convention in early May. However, this year, the church building was no longer available due to structural difficulties and the church had resigned to organising the event no longer.

However, ‘Listen Liverpool’, a group of local churches, felt it was important to continue with the convention. As a result, this year we welcomed Ian Higham (Liverpool), Gary Brady (London) and Emil Silvestru (Creation Ministries International) as speakers over the four evenings of the event.

Each meeting was well attended and amply fulfilled the two main objectives of the convention – to have good Bible ministry and to foster fellowship between Liverpool churches.

Rev. Higham opened up John 6 with a focus on the ‘Bread of life’. He set the tone of the convention and issued a strong call to follow Christ in true discipleship. Rev. Brady focused on Mark 14 for his two evening talks, looking at the narrative concerning Gethsemane and the arrest of Jesus. Mr Silvestru examined the importance of Christians having a consistent, biblical world view.

The differing style of the speakers added to the convention, as all attendees were brought to consider truths that challenged and encouraged. We were grateful to Dovecot Evangelical Church, who ably hosted the conference and provided refreshments after each meeting, adding to the warmth of fellowship.

The committee look forward to continuing the convention. Dates planned for next year are 3-6 May (sermons on:

Paul Kinnaird and Ray Peel

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