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14 pastors attend induction at Hayes Lane Baptist Church

December 2021 | by Evangelical Times

In September, Christians from Ashford, Bradford-on-Avon, Otford, Twickenham, and Reading attended the induction of Daniel Jarvis at Hayes Lane Baptist Church in Bromley, Kent.

The 170 attendees included 14 current and former pastors, with 70 others viewing the livestream service on YouTube.

The 29-year-old pastor replaces David Hircock, who faithfully served HLBC for over 20 years.

Pastor Gerard Hemmings of Amyand Park Chapel, Twickenham, explained how Dan joined their church in 2017, having come from Carey Baptist Church, Reading.

Having begun training for pastoral ministry in 2019, Dan’s ‘passion for the Lord deepened as he grew in Christlikeness.’

HLBC Elder Johnny Gooch spoke movingly about how God had shepherded the church throughout the pandemic, meeting its needs and leaving the members ‘indebted to God’s kindness in leading us to a man of his choosing’. Former pastor David Hircock gave notice of his retirement in 2019, triggering the search for a replacement.

In God’s providence, Bill James, Principal of London Seminary, recommended Dan to the elders.

In November 2020, Dan, Justine, and their son Josiah visited HLBC so he could preach there. However, because of Covid, the number of those present was necessarily small, and conversation ‘was brief and masked’.

Following some ‘getting-to-know-you’ sessions on Zoom, Dan preached for three consecutive Sundays, and it became clear that he’d been sent to the church ‘for such a time as this’. On 24 February 2021, HLBC’s members voted in favour of offering Dan the pastorate.

Invited to give his side of the story, Dan recalled his conversion under the ministry of Robert and Paul Oliver, and his growing desire to work in God’s harvest field.

He served at Bradford-on-Avon, then worked as a trainee at Carey Baptist Church from 2015 to 2017.

Later, having taught RE at Fulham Boys School, Dan served as minister-in-training at Amyand and studied at London Seminary.

Having preached regularly during lockdown and watched HLBC services online, Dan and Justine became convinced that ‘this is where the Lord would have us’.

Led by Gerard Hemmings, Dan then confirmed his faith in God and commitment to HLBC – the church affirming its commitment to Dan, with HLBC’s four elders praying for his ministry and family.

James Muldoon, Carey Baptist’s pastor, then spoke from Mark on the importance of serving God with expectancy and faith.

‘In your day of trouble,’ he told the packed church, ‘choose to exercise faith, and experience Christ wrapping his arms around you.’

The joyous two-hour service ended with friends and family enjoying fellowship and food in the chapel garden.