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40 years for Creation Resources Trust

July 2021 | by John Tredgett

2021 marks forty years since the founding of Creation Resources Trust. Based in Somerset, the ministry provides resources and organises events which advocate biblical creation and critique the theory of evolution.

The ministry was founded in 1981 following a talk by chemist and former atheist Dr A. J. Monty White at West Camel Methodist Church, South Somerset.

Following the talk, a small group of concerned Christians met and resolved to raise the profile of creationism among evangelicals in the southwest of England.

Originally called the Somerset Creationist Group, the ministry grew to the point where 370 people attended their first ‘Creation Day’ conference in the town of Street (near Glastonbury).

‘Initially our ministry was intended to be local,’ says Geoff Chapman, co-founder of the ministry, ‘but requests for information and resources began coming in from a much wider area. We were visiting other parts of England as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland, so in 1989 we rebranded as Creation Resources Trust.’

Does Geoff regard creationism as relevant an issue today as it was forty years ago? ‘Certainly,’ he told ET, ‘many Christians still need to wake up to the fact that evolution is not only unscientific but a gospel-undermining, faith-destroying deception. It eliminates a literal Fall in Genesis, which in turn removes the need for a literal Saviour.

‘Evolution is a real stumbling-block to many who see it as evidence that the Bible is neither true nor reliable. I believe the creation issue is foundational to the church’s apologetics ministry.’

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